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Most freelance writers go through a period of panic. They start to wonder when the next project will start. This time is usually when your bank account is empty, your mortgage is due, and you have no projects lined up.

Do not panic. Even if it seems slow and you wholeheartedly wish you had a full-time paycheck to fall back on, if you’ve done the following things, things will go smoothly – trust me.

How to tell if a freelance writing project will soon come to fruition

Marketing: If you’ve dabbled in marketing, freelance writing projects will “suddenly” begin to materialize. The reason for the unexpected is in quotes because it wasn’t unexpected, but because of your consistent marketing efforts.

One thing many freelance writers overlook is that clients contact you when they need work done, not when you need money. They need to need what you have to offer – and it’s not going according to plan. That’s why you must, must, must stay consistent in the marketplace, even if you are busier than ever. Consistent marketing makes slow periods easier to get through because they usually don’t last very long.

Follow Up: When it comes to marketing, one thing many freelance writers overlook is repeat business. Most of us are so focused on bringing in new customers that we forget to keep in touch with old customers. Usually we sit and wait for them to contact us.

As a successful freelance writer, you need to be proactive – if you haven’t heard from a client in a while, call or email them.

How to get new writing from old freelance writing clients

New service offerings: One of the best reasons to reach out to existing customers is to add new services. When I add a new service, one of the first things I do is send an email to all my old customers.

Offers and Discounts: Just because you offer a service doesn’t mean you can’t offer offers and discounts. As a freelance writer, you can bundle your services and offer them to clients, for example, order a month’s worth of blog posts and get 15% off your personal publishing rate.

Implementation: Many clients have projects they’ve always wanted to do, but never get around to. Offer to start a blog, newsletter, or drip article marketing campaign for them.

Express your doubts and show them the benefits of not procrastinating. Phrases like “How long have you been planning to go ___” and “When do you think you can ___”.

These sentences are “aha moments” for clients because you make them realize that without help (i.e. professional freelance writers) they will never be able to complete a given project. Yes, why not use you? !

A foolproof strategy that never yields freelance writing jobs

Your freelance writing dry spell won’t last long if you’re consistent with your marketing and keep in touch with your old clients. And when all else fails, blitz. What do these mean? For example, send 100 questions daily until things start to look better. Marketing consistency won’t waver, sales will, especially if you’re a skilled freelance writer.